Large-Scale, Transformation Program Oversight

Research has shown that fewer than 30% of projects end successfully and the larger they are, the less likelihood of success. The odds are often stacked against many of the programs, especially where common frameworks are missing and coordinated business strategy realization is splintered across multiple teams, business units, consulting teams, and software systems. TSG offers large-scale, independent program oversight as a risk mitigation service that can increase the odds of success. For a copy of TSG’s “Large-Scale, Business & IT Transformation Program Oversight: Common Questions to Ask”, click here.

Strategy Execution and Realization

Are you struggling to successfully deliver priority initiatives? Initiative scoping issues are a major contributor to challenged and failed projects. These issues should be addressed prior to project startup, starting with strategic planning and continuing through impact analysis and initiative definition. Learn how to leverage business architecture to quickly and effectively inform initiative definition, scoping, prioritization, and optimization – leading to successful deployments.

Business Architecture – Making It Real

Do you know how to use business architecture to formalize a repeatable payment allocation model, realign your business around a customer-driven business model, streamline your product catalog or address other scenarios? Bring your challenges and usage scenario to the discussion and get fast, practical advice on how to use business architecture to address real-world challenges.

Business /IT Architecture Alignment

Finding it difficult to use business architecture to drive IT investments? Having issues aligning business architecture perspectives with your enterprise architects? Gain practical advice on how to use business architecture as a means of assessing IT architecture impacts, framing clearly scoped requirements and maximizing the use of business architecture for application and data design.

Business Architecture Mapping

Have you reached an impasse on strategy, capability, value, information, or other mapping work? Are you struggling with interpreting an industry reference model? Not clear how to move your business architecture to the next level of maturity? Get authoritative advice to overcome the hurdles, reposition your approach, validate ideas, and save yourself and your team hours of time and frustration.

IT Architecture Transformation

One area where business architecture can be of value involves laying out a formal IT architecture transformation strategy for moving to advanced technologies and shedding legacy architectures of the past. Session topics include establishing and reviewing transformation plans and leveraging business architecture as a means of moving from archaic IT architectures to the cognitive wave of the future.

Business Architecture Infrastructure Deployment

Have you adopted and deployed a formal business architecture knowledgebase? Stuck in an endless battle with Visio diagrams and spreadsheets? Not sure how to scale your practice? Get rapid insights into best practices, including how to establish and validate your business architecture knowledgebase and obtain useful tool selection and utilization advice.

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